The Real San Diego


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Welcome to the City in Motion; San Diego, California is the second largest city in the United States and the second most populous city in California. With gracefully curving bays, sandy white beaches, sunny weather, and great tourist attractions, San Diego is always on the move. San Diego is one of the top ten best climates in all of America, and with two-hundred and one out of three-hundred and sixty-five days above seventy degrees, who wouldn’t agree? Though sandy beaches and fabulous weather are the main attractions, San Diego has even more to offer than beautiful scenery and luxurious beaches, but really what is better than that?

"The Real San Diego"Maybe a beautiful landscape would be better up high! With San Diego lying on deep hills and canyons, you can visit the highest point in the city Cowles Mountain at one-thousand five-hundred and ninety three feet up in the air. Cowles Mountain is a scenic hike and one that can be done during the day or by the light of the full moon depending on how adventurous you are. The beautiful trails are fun and the other hikers are friendly. After an hour to two hours of hiking, you are rewarded with mind-blowing views of San Diego. No matter what direction you look, everything is amazing, and on a clear day, you can even see Mexico.

How about something free? Vacationing in San Diego doesn’t have to require a lot of money. In fact, there are more things to do in San Diego that are free and fun than you might think. Some of the free fun you can have include the following places:

The Beaches
Head to the beaches to swim, body surf, build a sand castle, collect seashells by the seashore, or just have fun in the sun. All beaches are free to the public.

La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove is free for anyone to view its magnificent natural setting. Take a stroll to the cove while the moon is still high in the sky and sit and watch the illuminating sun set on the beautiful ocean horizon."La Jolla Cove"

Old Town
Experience the living legacy of San Diego history in Old Town. Wander through the historic buildings such as the blacksmith shop, Seeley Stables, Stewart House, Estudillo House, and the oldest school house around.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Experience the pure natural beauty of nature as you trudge through the Anza-Borrego Park. With nearly six-hundred thousand acres, this park is the largest in the United States. You are in for a real treat each spring after the winter rains as this desert blasts into a rainbow of vibrant colors and sweet smells.

Flash back into the past with a hundred year old mining town in the Cuyamaca Mountains. You can stroll along a self-guided tour after picking up a free map at the Chamber of Commerce, and explore the historic sites and beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to grab a slice of homemade apple pie before you go; it’s a Julian thank you.

One of the best things about San Diego is that you can enjoy a relaxing day of fun in the sun at the beach during the day and have an outrageous Las Vegas style adventure in the evening. San Diego is jam packed with thrill seeking casinos. From blackjack and poker to slot machines and gaming, you will find a Las Vegan thrill right in San Diego. With relaxing spas, a golf course, and world renowned entertainment, you won’t want to leave San Diego Casinos except to maybe go to the beach. So, take in the freebees and make a little money; now that sounds like a vacation.

Ever want to see what’s under the sea? Come visit Sea World in San Diego and explore the wonders of the sea. From adrenaline-charged rollercoaster rides, inspirational and lively animal shows, up-close encounters with sea animals, and interactive and educational exhibits throughout the park, there is something for everyone. Want to see the land creatures instead? The famous San Diego Zoo is home to over four-thousand rare and endangered animals and a vast collection of plants. Whether you want to see the wonders of the sea or the rare creatures of the land, you will find it all in San Diego.

"Perfect Place To Stay In San Diego"Finding the perfect place to stay in San Diego is a piece of cake! Choose from a vast selection including resorts and hotels, inns and bed and breakfast suites. Depending on the mood, the occasion, whether or not it’s a family vacation, a road trip with friends, a romantic getaway, or a nice business trip, there are a variety of places to lie your head with all the accommodations you need and that fit your budget. From rich historic hotels to five star resorts, San Diego has some of the best places to stay in the all of the country.

Now of course you will work up an appetite while vacationing, and San Diego is home to some of the best restaurants including Hard Rock Café, 101 Café, and Anthony’s Fish Grotto on the Bay. What are you in the mood to eat? Try something new or grab fast food. Whatever you are in the mood for whether it is live music, a little dancing, delectable filet mignon, mouthwatering fish, Italian, Chinese, or spicy tacos, you will get all that you’re craving and more right here in San Diego.

San Diego as you can tell is the City in Motion. With splashing waves, bustling casinos, night hikes, shows, entertainment, and more, the city is always moving to the beat everywhere you go. Whether you enjoy the historic sights, the adventurous outdoors, or the relaxing sandy beaches, San Diego brings it all to you. With over two-hundred days over seventy degrees, any time of the year is the perfect time to visit San Diego. Whether it is cold and rainy or hot and sunny where you come from, San Diego’s weather is sure to beat it. So, come to San Diego, California and enjoy summer weather any time of the year.

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